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Our team consists of in-house plumbers, electricians, decorators, carpenters, Venetian plasterers, lighting designers, interior designers, and stylists, covering every aspect of design through to finishing.  From initial interior design to implementation we cover both commercial and private.

By using a tailored team of specialist tradesmen and companies, you simplify the process by only using one company, minimising the chance of any possible delays and reassures the client that everything is covered.

Stuart Greive

Director, Itsoktu Ltd

Shane Whitman

Advancia Displays Ltd

Alessandra Torres

Itsoktu Implementation

James Tierney

Site Manager, Construction

Daniel Lee-Jones


Frank Sajet

Itsoktu Project Mangement, Maves Project Agency & Styling

Marco Lima

Itsoktu Implementation, Project Leader, Coli Team

Warren Dowler

WJ Plastering Ltd, MVP Venetian Plastering

Isabel Margarida Mendes Quadrado

Itsoktu Interior Architect, Isabel Margarida Interior Design

Max Ringström

Itsoktu Implementation

Ricardo Franca

Itsoktu Senior Architect

Lewis Yardley

Yardley Electrical Services

Egija Lace

Itsoktu Interior Design, Implementation, E Lace Design

Aleksandra Paradowsky

Aleksandra Paradowsky Interiors

Elisabeth Maas

Landscape Design

Kate Gwinnett

Itsoktu Operations Manager

Jonathan Zabawa

Architectural Services, E&H Design

Ricardo Santos

Itsoktu Implementation

Deborah Hutchings

Soft furnishings, Seamstress, Decoy Design

Bernadette Tierney

Administrator / Costings

Rupinder Kaur

RKB Design Studio Ltd

Joanne Bird

Interior Design & Decorator

Felicia Ghetu-Ivanciuc

Itsoktu Interior / Architectural Designer

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